About us

In reality water is clear and colorless, yet we imagine it to be light blue.
In Japanese, the term mizuiro refers to a light blue color
(mizu means “water” and iro “color”; literally “water color”).
Here at mizuiro Inc., we see ourselves as being like the color of water.
We want to generate new values,creating precious and enjoyable moments for parents and children to share.

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Company Information

Company name: mizuiro Inc.
Established: September 3, 2014
Representative: Naoko Kimura
Business description: Advertising design, planning, manufacturing, and sale of original products, sales of our developed merchandise (including retail sales), branding consultancy for various products/services
Address: 2F, 1-8-12 Shinmachi, Aomori-shi, Aomori-ken, 030-0801 Japan
Relocated to new office on July 27, 2016
Tel: +81-17-718-3798
(Business hours: Weekdays 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.)
Fax: +81-17-771-4370
Email: info@mizuiroinc.com

Company History

August 2012: Establish Design Works STmind as design agency
July 2013: Begin producing vegetable crayons out of vegetable powder
February 2014: Develop Vegetabo Vegetable Crayons Exhibit the crayons at the Tokyo International Gift Show
March 2014: Vegetabo Vegetable Crayons go on sale (sold out)
Vegetable Crayons featured in the media and sell out in just two weeks
May 2014: Vegetabo Vegetable Crayons – Season 2 go on sale (sold out)
September 2014: Company incorporated as mizuiro Inc.
November 2014: Vegetabo Vegetable Crayons – Season 3 go on sale (sold out)
February 2015: Exhibit at Ambiente Frankfurt 2015, the International trade fair
October 2015: Vegetabo Crayons – Season 4 go on sale (sold out)
July 2016: Vegetabo Crayons – standard go on sale

The Team

CEO Naoko Kimura

CEO Naoko Kimura

Born in the Aomori City. Studied design software at a college in Hirosaki. After working for various local magazines and design agencies, established her own design agency, Design Works STmind, in 2012. Created and commercialized Vegetabo Vegetable Crayons, which are made with pigments from fruit and vegetables. Incorporated and founded mizuiro Inc. in September 2014.

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