Centered on our own product "Vegetable Crayon®", we offer two
businesses: our own product business, which develops products that
color the time of parents and children, and the design business,
which proposes graphic design and product design.


We have launched "" as a brand of our own product business, and are planning, manufacturing and selling products.
It is a brand that designs time of parent and children, with a lineup centered on "Vegetable Crayon ®" made of domestic rice and vegetables that can be safely put in the mouth so that small children can play with peace of mind.

※Please feel free to contact us for joint development and novelty manufacturing. Click here for development and manufacturing results.


We are developing a wide range business from graphic design to product design and space design.
Regardless of industry type, we will make proposals according to the application and budget. Of course, it is also possible to design package for existing products.
Please contact us first.


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